Easey Data was born out of the need to do things better. Maximizing the commercial opportunity for both brand and retailer, by category by style, by size and by colour.


Imagine if you were able to capture the real time sentiment of your consumer across multiple retailers nationally and flow this information effortlessly to each touch point within your business.

The result is fundamental efficiencies for both the retail and wholesale business across multiple platforms, from increased category performance and cut through at the shop floor, via a clear concise message to inventory management both at retail and wholesale level.


Drive improved performance and profitability for retailers and wholesalers by providing timely actionable insights driven from robust retailer and market data.

We are solving a two sided problem



  • Retailer makes business decisions based on incomplete or in accurate data.
  • Data flow from retailer to wholesaler is poor and in varied formats.
  • Retailer emotions are driving business decisions at a brand level.


  • Under resourced buying team trying to manage inventory, current sales, and forward orders across multiple brands and categories.
  • Poor buying and inventory management resulting in pressure on cash flow.
  • Missed commercial opportunity due to the lack of seasonal strategy management regarding core, seasonal and heat products.

Collation and standardisation of sales data from your retail account base, providing market intelligence, helping both retailer and brand to see beyond the data to enable informed decisions that deliver growth.